The Yeshiva in Brunoy is one of the best and most esteemed Yeshivos in the World. There are close to 300 Students in the Yeshiva who receive a Chassidishe education, engaging in Davening and learning with Yiras Shomayim based on the foundations of Tomchei Temimim.

The financial situation of the Yeshiva is not simple. It's income source is exclusively from tuition which covers only half the amount of the expenses.
The Yeshiva is a private institution and does not receive subsidy or financial support from the government or any other body.
The Yeshivas director together with his team work hard to obtain the missing resources needed for the upkeep of the yeshiva by fundraising in France, America and other countries.
We call upon you to help us and to take part in this important Mitzva of learning Torah. Any amount will be welcomed.