Summer 5778

Yeshiva - even in the summer! 
We are pleased to announce that for summer 5778 - form 5 Tamuz (June 18th) until 21 Menachem Av (August 2) 5778.
 Our Yeshiva will have a special summer curriculum in our hometown of Brunoy and the Alps. 

Yeshiva students who wish to experience summer in a Chassidishe Yeshiva atmosphere are invited to join us this summer in pleasant surroundings and wonderful fresh air far from city noise and fully benefit of  the influence of our experienced Roshei Yeshiva and Mashpiim that devote themselves totally to each and every student 
Three weeks in
the Alps and three weeks in Brunoy  - an amazing view and fresh air - air-conditioned spacious Zal – Farbrengen, and Shiurim in Nigleh and Chasidus 


For registeration and information, please print the application form and the registration from.

For more information and registration please contact the Yeshiva at:

 email :

You may choose to pay for your  fees online.